Learn to Make Beats Class for Beginners (Public)






Students will engage with music technology to create beats using loops, samples, and music production software.
Cost: Free
Ages: 10 and Up
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Learn to Make Beats Class for Beginners (Private)

Students develop music production skills in the areas of Hip-Hop, Dance, R&B, and Pop. Students study popular production techniques, learn the basics of how songs are constructed and produce music on popular software such as Logic and The Maschine.
Cost: $15 per 45 min session
Sessions: 12
Ages: 10 and Up
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Press Play Summer Program

Press Play is a creative kids dream. Youth make music, perform dramas, create amazing crafts, and play fun games that are meant to sharpen artistic ability and engage the mind.
Cost: $100 per student
Sessions: Every Tuesday and Thursday during the month of July (typically)
Age: Grades 3 to 5
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Program in a Box

Do you have a program that needs music enrichment? Life Power Music can customize a workshop or program to fit into your existing summer or after-school program.
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